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SUSHI ADDICTS 22/03/19 - 01/06/19

The Sushi Addicts by Artist Leyton Rowley.
(Re-discovering a great freedom).
A collection of Tragedy Paintings created between the start of 2017 up until the present day.

"After many years of painting the sea, landscapes and other commercial projects, I decided to go back to an older style of painting (pre 2015) and paint some pictures just for ME! Artwork that would make me smile and that I want hang up at home. Neither the subject matter, painting technique, political correctness or commercial viability were/are of any importance. The Sushi Addicts was the one of most pleasurable of all that I painted in this period".

First viewing / Opening night- 22 March 20:00-22-00 - Including special guests Rachelle Hardes (poet) and Frank Blueka (musician).

The Leyton Rowley Gallery and Studio is situated in hart of the city of Arnhem in the Netherlands. The gallery is open daily Tuesday -Saturday from10:30 - 17:00.

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